Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent

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Anyways, I shall be doing a Review on 
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent. YAY

First of all it may be quite expensive just for a simple lip product, if so I would recommend using the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Series as a replacement. I shall be reviewing that product shortly ^^ 

First of all quite obviously, this product is the Rouge Pur Couture Series which comes in a packaging as any ordinary branded lipstick.
As eye catching as it is with its gold, reflective surface; I can't say how beautiful the packaging is! 

Anyways enough of admiring how beautiful the cover is, we still have to reveal the amazing colour inside hehe
As I usually go for the pinks or hot pinks, this product is a some what electric baby pink
and reminded me of the popular Fuchsia Pink Colour Jun Ji Hyu (전지현) had from the kdrama "My Love from the Stars"

(Jun Ji Hyuns Lip Colour: Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 51 Corail Urbain)

 Here is what the colour looks like in general:

As you can see its a hot pink as stated above.

However as when I swatch the colour, it looks lighter than it originally in the tube/solid form.

As you can see here on my lips -shy-
(From left to right: light  gradient, pigmented gradient, pigmented full lips)
The colour is very vibrant and very pigmented just like the colour Jun Ji Hyun wears.
To my surprise I liked the colour better than I expected, as being purchased it seemed like a darker pink. The colour stays on for a long time if not touched and even if you eat or lick your lips or something in order to disrupt the colour; the product somewhat adheres to the lips like a typical lip tint. Overall I love this product as it is not sticky nor drying in anyway.
Oh and most of all, it does not have a after taste, the typical lipstick taste; as I detest the taste of lipstick, Yuck!
Some lip products such as revlon or some benefit lip products come with the yucky taste therefore I stay away from such products... Sorry fans of the following products but its true 

Overall I was really happy with the 
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent Lip product and have no regrets in paying some cash to satisfy myself with good products.

anyways of you too are interested in this product, you may purchase it  from their main site,

as you can see, I personally prefer the gradient style of all lip products hehe ~
Overall I would rate this product 9/10
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