Tony Moly: Kiss Lover Lip Master no.2 Back Hug Pink Review

Hey there Lovelies 
As promised I have reviewed the Tony Moly: Kiss Lover Lip Master no.2 Back Hug Pink
as an cheaper alternative of the 
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent
This product is highly recommended for individuals who like to have a bold electric pink colour; for parties or casually if done in a gradient.
Anyways I need more recommendations for reviews ;A; kind of out of ideas right now ahahoh well, it ll start getting busy for me anyways as my final year is creeping along x.x
Why can't it be holidays forever ;A;, so disappointed that I wont be able to get anymore beauty sleep due to stupid school ;A;.
I guess I have to deal with it ahah, at least I get to see all my friends again hehe 

Anyways Lets get into it! C:

The package of the lip tint is in a rectangular shape, which makes it kind of look edgy and chic, overall I reckon the basic style of the lip tint was very well made regardless of the fact it looks like the similar rectangular packaging of Yves Saint Laurent's Glossy Stain collections.

The consistency is surprisingly thick but very moistening unlike most American or European products. Which is a benefit most of yous will like ;)
The colour is very pigmented as well and works like a lip stain, allowing it to stay on the lips longer regardless of eating and any disturbance
 to the lips.

The top swatch is a blurred smudge/
and the bottom swatch is just a normal swipe with its pigmented colours.

From left to right (Gradient, dark gradient and full lips)
As the product is very moistening, on the lips it looks very soft and creamy rather than being chappy and dry. another pointer! hehe

Here's me with the lip tint, in comparison to my skin it is very pigmented and very bold.
So I only limit this lippy to the days which I feel confident for a bold lip. Overall it is a very good product as it has no weird after taste and it continues to keep the lips very moist and long lasting.

Anyways there are still alot of colours to choose from for this product
Overall rate 8/10

hope you guys enjoy this (:
might have a tutorial running up next
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  1. wow the lip product sounds interesting! I like the color :)


    1. mhrmm The colour is amazing <3
      try it out sometime! hehe you wont regret it

  2. it looks really good on your lips and i think your lips are so cute LOL is that weird?

    1. ahah thank you! C:
      that is kind of weird but its okay since everyones opinion is different but valid hehe

  3. oh oh oh I love the shape of this lipstick! It's square and so pretty! And I love the colors too! Too bad it doesn't really have darker shade since it's the trend right now, but still it looks so tempting, especially since you said it's not drying and actually pigmented, wee~

    1. ahah the shape is really convenient when applying it!
      Im guessing where you're living its winter? fair enough ahah well these colours work for summer days since they are so bright ahah
      YES thats the main benefit for this product~

  4. It's a pretty lip tint! It's good that it's moisturizing haha. Thanks for the review!

    blog @ k a r i m e w . c o m

    1. its very moisturising! surprisingly
      no problem :3