Review: Exy 3 Colour Gray Circle Lenses {Sponsored By Klenspop}

Hey it's Joanne again! (≧▽≦) and today I'm going to review a pair of circle lenses sponsored by
Klenspop is an Lens Shop located in South Korea; all products are shipped from there as well!
They have a variety of contact lenses and various brands, from prescribed lenses to not prescribed they basically have everything. Their website is very cute and has a variety of good quality pictures/model of the lenses.
This website can be trusted of their products as they are qualified internationally and displays their safety certificates as proof. -->
The price of their products are really cheap and reasonable! $$ also if your order exceeds $50 you will receive a pair of free lenses! 
(/^▽^)/ so please go and check out their website!!!
The service is wonderful and the staff are very kind and nice! (>ω<) 

The Lenses they have kindly sponsored me is thExy 3 Colour Gray Circle Lenses by MI GWANG
(To be honest this is the first time for me in trying contact lenses ahah C:)
The package arrived in three weeks, which is the reasonable and set time the staff told me approximately.
The product came in a box package with the lenses in bubble wrap. (protection yo!)

The Package came with the lenses in a cute box with the website's name

It also came with a free cute lens case.

It also came with a lens solution; which is used to soften up the lenses before use.
first the circle lenses were soaked up for up to 6 hours beforehand.

Brand: MI GWANG 
Diameter: 14.0mm
 Graphic Diameter: 13.2mm
 Base Curve: 8.6 
Water Content: 38% 
Disposable: 1 year 
Country of origin: South Korea 
Certifications: ISO CE KGMP
Cost: $35 

 Overall Rating
The design of the lenses were really nice as they looked natural due to the light colours that gradually condensed into dark ones.
As these lenses were the first lenses I've ever tried, i thought they would be really uncomfortable and distressing. However after I got them in place of the iris, I didn't feel any pain or any discomfort.
They were pretty much as the time I didn't have anything in my eye :3
I had ordered a grey coloured lenses, however on my eye they seemed more 'green', then grey which kind of made it weird for me ._. as I expected them to be a vibrant light grey.
If you are looking for enlarging type contact lenses, I don't recommend you lovelies to purchase this particular lens. In my opinion, I think the reason is that it lacks the black circle around the contacts.
However if you like natural lenses like myself, these are good to go :D
I really loved the naturalness of these lenses, except the fact they kind of made me look like  a vampire ._.
Overall these lenses are definitely recommended for those lovelies who want a natural look! :3

This is the finally look with the lenses!
Please go check out for their good quality, cheap contact lenses! C:
anyways ciao for now.  ><Please follow:


  1. Love how natural the circle lenses look on you! Klenspop is so generous to give the solution liquid as well.


    1. Thank you so much! ahaha you should ask them for a sponsor also!

  2. ooh wow these look incredibley natural, the colour really suits you! <3

    1. Thank you! <3
      ahaha unfortunately I kind of threw them out ;A; and now i regret it
      a bad move ;A;

  3. Omg they look great on you! What's your base curve btw? & also would you mind checking out my blog? Thanks 😅