Tony Moly: Kiss Lover Lip Master no.2 Back Hug Pink Review

Hey there Lovelies 
As promised I have reviewed the Tony Moly: Kiss Lover Lip Master no.2 Back Hug Pink
as an cheaper alternative of the 
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent
This product is highly recommended for individuals who like to have a bold electric pink colour; for parties or casually if done in a gradient.
Anyways I need more recommendations for reviews ;A; kind of out of ideas right now ahahoh well, it ll start getting busy for me anyways as my final year is creeping along x.x
Why can't it be holidays forever ;A;, so disappointed that I wont be able to get anymore beauty sleep due to stupid school ;A;.
I guess I have to deal with it ahah, at least I get to see all my friends again hehe 

Anyways Lets get into it! C:

The package of the lip tint is in a rectangular shape, which makes it kind of look edgy and chic, overall I reckon the basic style of the lip tint was very well made regardless of the fact it looks like the similar rectangular packaging of Yves Saint Laurent's Glossy Stain collections.

The consistency is surprisingly thick but very moistening unlike most American or European products. Which is a benefit most of yous will like ;)
The colour is very pigmented as well and works like a lip stain, allowing it to stay on the lips longer regardless of eating and any disturbance
 to the lips.

The top swatch is a blurred smudge/
and the bottom swatch is just a normal swipe with its pigmented colours.

From left to right (Gradient, dark gradient and full lips)
As the product is very moistening, on the lips it looks very soft and creamy rather than being chappy and dry. another pointer! hehe

Here's me with the lip tint, in comparison to my skin it is very pigmented and very bold.
So I only limit this lippy to the days which I feel confident for a bold lip. Overall it is a very good product as it has no weird after taste and it continues to keep the lips very moist and long lasting.

Anyways there are still alot of colours to choose from for this product
Overall rate 8/10

hope you guys enjoy this (:
might have a tutorial running up next
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Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent

Hey there Lovelies 

It's nearly end of January ;A;
aka School is going to start soon -crys- so sad that it's finals this year ;A;
oh well it doesn't matter I guess cause I'll find time to post stuff for you guys! C:
Anyways, I shall be doing a Review on 
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent. YAY

First of all it may be quite expensive just for a simple lip product, if so I would recommend using the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Series as a replacement. I shall be reviewing that product shortly ^^ 

First of all quite obviously, this product is the Rouge Pur Couture Series which comes in a packaging as any ordinary branded lipstick.
As eye catching as it is with its gold, reflective surface; I can't say how beautiful the packaging is! 

Anyways enough of admiring how beautiful the cover is, we still have to reveal the amazing colour inside hehe
As I usually go for the pinks or hot pinks, this product is a some what electric baby pink
and reminded me of the popular Fuchsia Pink Colour Jun Ji Hyu (전지현) had from the kdrama "My Love from the Stars"

(Jun Ji Hyuns Lip Colour: Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 51 Corail Urbain)

 Here is what the colour looks like in general:

As you can see its a hot pink as stated above.

However as when I swatch the colour, it looks lighter than it originally in the tube/solid form.

As you can see here on my lips -shy-
(From left to right: light  gradient, pigmented gradient, pigmented full lips)
The colour is very vibrant and very pigmented just like the colour Jun Ji Hyun wears.
To my surprise I liked the colour better than I expected, as being purchased it seemed like a darker pink. The colour stays on for a long time if not touched and even if you eat or lick your lips or something in order to disrupt the colour; the product somewhat adheres to the lips like a typical lip tint. Overall I love this product as it is not sticky nor drying in anyway.
Oh and most of all, it does not have a after taste, the typical lipstick taste; as I detest the taste of lipstick, Yuck!
Some lip products such as revlon or some benefit lip products come with the yucky taste therefore I stay away from such products... Sorry fans of the following products but its true 

Overall I was really happy with the 
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent Lip product and have no regrets in paying some cash to satisfy myself with good products.

anyways of you too are interested in this product, you may purchase it  from their main site,

as you can see, I personally prefer the gradient style of all lip products hehe ~
Overall I would rate this product 9/10
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Thanks for reading!

Review: Exy 3 Colour Gray Circle Lenses {Sponsored By Klenspop}

Hey it's Joanne again! (≧▽≦) and today I'm going to review a pair of circle lenses sponsored by
Klenspop is an Lens Shop located in South Korea; all products are shipped from there as well!
They have a variety of contact lenses and various brands, from prescribed lenses to not prescribed they basically have everything. Their website is very cute and has a variety of good quality pictures/model of the lenses.
This website can be trusted of their products as they are qualified internationally and displays their safety certificates as proof. -->
The price of their products are really cheap and reasonable! $$ also if your order exceeds $50 you will receive a pair of free lenses! 
(/^▽^)/ so please go and check out their website!!!
The service is wonderful and the staff are very kind and nice! (>ω<) 

The Lenses they have kindly sponsored me is thExy 3 Colour Gray Circle Lenses by MI GWANG
(To be honest this is the first time for me in trying contact lenses ahah C:)
The package arrived in three weeks, which is the reasonable and set time the staff told me approximately.
The product came in a box package with the lenses in bubble wrap. (protection yo!)

The Package came with the lenses in a cute box with the website's name

It also came with a free cute lens case.

It also came with a lens solution; which is used to soften up the lenses before use.
first the circle lenses were soaked up for up to 6 hours beforehand.

Brand: MI GWANG 
Diameter: 14.0mm
 Graphic Diameter: 13.2mm
 Base Curve: 8.6 
Water Content: 38% 
Disposable: 1 year 
Country of origin: South Korea 
Certifications: ISO CE KGMP
Cost: $35 

 Overall Rating
The design of the lenses were really nice as they looked natural due to the light colours that gradually condensed into dark ones.
As these lenses were the first lenses I've ever tried, i thought they would be really uncomfortable and distressing. However after I got them in place of the iris, I didn't feel any pain or any discomfort.
They were pretty much as the time I didn't have anything in my eye :3
I had ordered a grey coloured lenses, however on my eye they seemed more 'green', then grey which kind of made it weird for me ._. as I expected them to be a vibrant light grey.
If you are looking for enlarging type contact lenses, I don't recommend you lovelies to purchase this particular lens. In my opinion, I think the reason is that it lacks the black circle around the contacts.
However if you like natural lenses like myself, these are good to go :D
I really loved the naturalness of these lenses, except the fact they kind of made me look like  a vampire ._.
Overall these lenses are definitely recommended for those lovelies who want a natural look! :3

This is the finally look with the lenses!
Please go check out for their good quality, cheap contact lenses! C:
anyways ciao for now.  ><Please follow:

Kitty Update ✌

Hey Lovelies  
 It's been such a long time since I've posted anything, Sorry about that ;A;

Everything has been so hectic in the Year of 2014, but I hope everyone had a year to cherish!! hehe

Recently I've decided that rather than just posting about beauty reviews and tutorials Haneulie, I would like to spice it up with the stories of my daily life, like a little internet diary I suppose? hehe~  
So I can show you Lovelies the beauty of Melbourne, the city I inhabit within Australia!!

Anyways let's get right into it!! To start off I've decided to introduce you to my old/new kittens!!

Around two years ago, I was able to adopt a new kitten in a long time, unfortunately he is no longer with me today as it suddenly disappeared, either it being stolen by a bad person :C or ... -gulp- killed.. ;A;
regardless of the fact, let's just hope his well and healthy.

His name was Poppy! such an adorable little being hehe 
He was named by my older brother as Poppies in Australia serve as the symbol of Remembrance of the soldiers who lost their lives in war at Gallipoli. ANYWAYS enough history for today!
Reminder: I'm not sure of the breeds of all my cats so if you have an idea please leave a comment as if may help me out hehe Thank you!
After the disappearance of Poppy, I just felt sad every time I went outside to the backyard... ;A; 
so one of my friends decided to offer me one of her kittens that her cat had recently gave birth to! C:

Meet Luffy! As most of you would know Luffy is named from Strawhat Luffy from One Piece (hehe I'm somewhat of an otaku ><)
Luffy was the most abnormal or just a tad weird compared to my other cats, as a kitten he would never go exploring further parts of our neighbourhood.. to my realisation there were cat bullies that attacked little Luffy and terrorised him ;A;  So I decided to keep him inside the house for a few weeks. After a few months Luffy got a little bit bigger, a teenager in human years, and began to explore the neighbourhood. He was able to beat off the bad bullies from his months and months of hard training hehe~Maybe his the king of the neighbourhood now? who knows but I'm proud of my little baby boy After being with Luffy for almost a year now, his grown lazy and lazes around the balcony all day long ;A;
oh well his still my little BIG boy now 

I thought Luffy would be the last kitten I would have to raise.. however another friend offered me another kitten and after our first meet, I just had to take them in <3Meet our little Pika ♥ named Pika due to his Garfield like yellow stripes and coat.The little black cat was named by my cousins as they wanted to raise one for themselves so bye bye little blackie kitty ;A;
anyways PIKA ♥ hehe

-That sexy pose though-
At first Luffy had to get used to pika, however without conflict they were able to bond really well and quite quickly as Luffy is a gentle little kitty cat. One afternoon I found them sleeping like this in the kittens house..
IT WAS SO ADORABLE ♥ so had to take a picture! 

Then one time the two little kittens were resting like this..


Blackie left a week after and Pika was left alone with Luffy. Luffy protects and continues to look after Pika as if she was his own child 
Pika has grown a little bit and at the childhood, toddler stage; crazy kid just runs around everywhere ahah I wonder where her energy comes from..well this concludes the first piece of my diary ~
*stories of Pika and Luffy will continue 

-entry 1-