Too Faced: Matte Bronze Milk Chocolate Bronzer Review

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
Its been a while, hows everyone been?
I finally have a short break before more sacs come up in a few weeks time,
so I'm glad to be here writing another post for you guys.
Recently I purchased the Too Faced Matte Bronzer in Milk as always I'm here to review it!

As I have pale-ish skin, I decided to get the lighter shade, Milk Chocolate.
Therefore I am able to get a light complexion without having to look extra tan.

-The product packaging is amazing-

The bronzer is not too heavy, but really light and long lasting; other indviduals who 
want a darker complexion can always layer the coats or even buy the darker shade.In my opinion, regardless that is it branded it is cheaper than most branded products
and perfect for sensitive skin such as mine.Another plus to the bronzer is that, it is matte. Having a matte base within the bronzer is said to make the user look more slimmer rather than sparkly with shimmer which in the long run could make you look plumper.

-The bronzer here was layered multiple times so that it could be shown on camera.-

Overall the most beneficial aspect of this product is that it is made with
real cocoa and smells like chocolate. I seriously want to just eat it every time I apply! And also a small bit goes along way!!
I would recommend this product to people in search for a great matte bronzer!
Overall it was a short post but
 thank you for reading!

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  1. wow the packaging is sooo cute

  2. I usually prefer getting bronzers are in stick form but I recently picked up one of these Too Faced bronzers because of the scent.
    I can't stop using it, and it makes me want to eat it ! Hahaha.