Cute Asian Apparel from Syndrome

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
As always since my holidays have ended its been a sudden load
of endless homework and Sacs ... fun fun fun!
 However, during the holidays I stumbled upon a really fancy
and cute shop called Syndrome and fell in love with their clothing!
They have alot of great mixtures that ranges from Harajuku fashion,
Anime Merchandise (cosplay), Minimalistic and Monochromatic clothing etc.

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To begin, Syndrome is an online store that sells a collection of cute Street style fashion inspired by Asian styles from Korean and Japan. They offer various different
styles of clothing which include harajuku, anime, accessories, bags, and some unique items
that surely you'll love.

My personal favourites:

For Minimalists

Renowned Tee/Japanese Shirt/Baseball Tee

Cosplay / Anime Lovers

Kimono Dress/Maid Cosplay/Japanese Sailor Moon

Unique Items

Milk Carton Bag/Kitty Bell Choker/Sailormoon phone plugs
As you can probably tell, I really LOVE the streetwear look and cute bags that they offer.
Especially the renowned Tee and the Japanese shirt were two of my many favourites from Syndrome Store!
If you haven't already, you should visit Syndrome.
They have a variety of clothings to bags to shoes and accessories
that I couldn't fit into this post, but everything in the store
is cute and chic! 

Syndrome Store  // Discount Code 5% off: pastlies

Thank you fo reading !
I shall be reviewing the Too faced bronzer in the next one, so look out for that!


  1. haha the milk carton bag is so cute and I would so wear that fuck off shirt!

    1. ye the milk carton is so adorable <3 I really might consider getting it ahah
      anything suits you so ofc ;)

  2. Replies
    1. naww thank you! yep it takes wayyy too much time, took me like 4 days to finish the post ;A;

  3. aww i love these its so cute <3

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