Teacupcastle's Carousal Love Necklace Review

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
so how has everyone been? It's started to become really cold
here in Australia! The wind and rain just wont stop pouring.
However, fun fact:
I LOVE winter and the wind not so much the rain but hey to those winter lovers,
we can relate somewhat yeah?
Today I wanted to share for you guys a necklace sent from a Etsy Shop called TeaCupCastle!The owner of the shop and creator of all accessories sold on it, is all done by
the lovely and kind Angela!
She was so sweet and responded swiftly for the questions I had, overall great
customer service. However the most amazing thing was the fact that
all the products she sells, are all uniquely designed and made by her own hands!
Her talent for creating such accessories inspired by Japanese Anime to various cute items
really caught my eye.
Another benefit is that what ever your buying, it is one of a kind! so only you would be the one in the whole entire world to own such wonderful jewellery! -chuckle-

Here are a sneakpeak of some of her products:

-The necklace she sent me was in a small package with her card-


Such Intricate and fine detail is noticeable as Angela utilizes her time efficiently in order to complete her accessories with lots of love 

This is how it looks like when it is worn:

Isn't it gorgeous? The colour of the gold necklace to the white horse with the detailed gold lining is just stunning. The quality was just amazing aswell, it was better than most cheap accessory stores that many of us have access to. 
The horse and the detail along with the choice of the gold necklace was very well made. Overall I am amazed by the craftsmanship of the product and the reasonable price it comes with.

Ultimately, I had a wonderful experience with TeaCupCastle, from service to shipping and to the design and quality. I would recommend this shop for all people who are in desperate need of cute accessories!

Thank you to Angela for sending me the necklace to review and
thank you for all reading!


  1. wow such lovely necklaces!


  2. Oh very cute necklace


  3. Oh cute! :) I agree, I really like gold detailing/lining of the necklace on the carousal horse. This is so late, but I really like how you changed your blog layout, so simply but mature.

    1. yes it is! Her products are all so finely detailed C:
      ahah thank you, i grew out of my colourful blog page!

  4. superlove it! i spot sailormoon ring!nowadays,sailormoon are back in track of being popular,in makeup and accessories,so cute!


    1. Yes they are! And its wonderful since the anime was just so amazing!!