Korean Straight Eyebrow Tutorial

Today I shall be teaching you lovelies ♥ How to accomplish the Popular Korean Straight Eyebrow Makeup!!
This look is very popular not only in Korea but within the whole of Asia. Due to its effect of creating a cute and innocent look by having straight and full eyebrows!
Products used: 

Shiseido Eyebrow Razor (can be bought from local drugstores or even Daiso)
The Faceshop - Design My Eyebrow (Lovely me:ex) Colour: 04 Brown
The Faceshop - Colour My Eyebrow (Lovely me:ex)  Colour: 02 Light Brown
(You can use any other eyebrow products by any brand.)
I also sometimes use...

Etude House - Color My Brows in the colour 02 Light Brown
* The colour of brow filler or brow mascara can be determined by the root colour of your hair  

Once again, sorry for the bad quality of the photos ;A;
I always do the product 'photoshoots' during the night ( /)u(\ ) hehe 
 The product on the left is the Brow pencil and on he right is the Brow filler (brow mascara)

 For the Design My Eyebrows, there are two sides:

one is the brush 

 And the other is the pencil.
The convenience of this specific eyebrow pencil is the shape, the triangular shape makes it easier to achieve the Korean straight eyebrows! (*´∀`*)
swatch of the pencil:

Next is the brow filler,
It basically looks like a mascara wand but for the eyebrows.

Anyways lets get on with the tutorial! \(^▽^)/(If you have already shaved your brows and is ready for makeup skip to the second part)First, we're obviously going to start with your eyebrows! aha
Get your eyebrow razors ready!
I am using the Shisedo eyebrow razor,

We are going to shape them and perk them up for the Korean Straight Brows.
Basically, there are two ways of shaping your eyebrows
either the really straight innocent brow (the ones I've done)
or the natural curved straight brows (basically the same as mine but with an arch on the bottom of the eyebrow.)Simply what we're going to do is cut the  top part of the eyebrow in a straight line, you can use your razor as the ruler as it should be shaped in a straight line.

*this is optional but you can do the exactly the same thing for the bottom half of the eyebrow to make it look extra innocent! C: (I have)

Now that we re done perking up the brow, its time to fill them in!! *(-ω-)*
We are first going to use the eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of the brow.
  Using the brush side of the pencil, soften out the edges like so.
After completing the outline of the brow, we are going to fill them in with the brow mascara! Basically all you'll be doing is brush gently on the tips of the brow hairs to colour them in. To be honest, if you don't really need to colour them, you can just fill them in using soft, short strokes with the pencil. However, in my case, as an asian It's weird to have black eyebrows with light brown hair. yeah?

 So if you're like me then you can fill them in with the brow mascara! but it really doesn't matter ahah as long as the colour of your brows are the same as your hair. :3

There! now this is the completed look! Hope you lovelies enjoyed this tutorial!
'Its easy as 1 2 3' to look innocent and cute with these straight eyebrows :3
 I would love to see your attempts in accomplishing this look! :3 anyways see you later!

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