Review: Etude House Dear Girls: Cute Eyes Maker (애교살 만드는법)

Review: {Etude House} Dear Girls: Cute Eyes Maker

에뛰드하우스 소녀 애교살 메이커 리뷰

The aegyo sal (애교살) is basically the 'fat' or eye bag located directly below the eye. The aegyo sal is emphasized through the use of makeup in most Asian countries, as it allows the eyes to look more cute and big; and It also allows the person to look younger.
Some people are lucky enough to have 'cute eye fats' from birth, but people who aren't innate with such aegyo sal, are able to create some through the use of this product.

Today I will be reviewing The Etude House, Dear Girls: Cute Eyes Maker. I bought it due to a lot of positive comments made by people who have tried using this product. It is currently one of my favorite products and is used in my everyday, normal makeup routine !

p.s I'm very sorry about the quality of the photos ;A; it was night time when i took the photos... I shall learn from my mistakes C:

                                                  The Matte Brown Shadow of Step 1 
The Shimmery pinkish-white of Step 2 (main focus to eye-bags)

Swatches of both the brown and shimmery shadows
- The Brown Shadow is really pigmented, especially with those girls that have really perfect white skin, its better to use less or reduce the amount applied.
Personally, I use the 1st Step of the 'pen' as a contouring shade for the nose bridge, as it is the perfect colour/shade to accomplish the illusion of a high-lifted nose. 
- The Pink Shadow is somewhat sheer so it has to be applied at least twice for it to be visible. The use of only the pink shadow under the eyes produces of the same results as when both steps of the pen is used. To be honest, it doesn't really make a difference when both or one is used. 

Step 1: Use the pink shadow under you eyes - the eye bags/fat under your eyes

Step 2:  Use the brown side to make a shadow below the pink shadow
-vice versa-
(Full Instructions Below)

                                               Anyways here is the finished look! :3

Pros:✪ The Product itself isn't that expensive and can be bought from various Korean makeup websites.

✪ Overall this is a essential makeup product in order to accomplish the cute/innocent look

Cons:✪ The product only has a limited amount and small amount of shadow, therefore it is used up quite quickly and buying a new one each time is very time consuming >< it only lasts around two months if used everyday.

Thanks for reading my first post you lovelies! 

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