NYX: Butter Lipstick Review

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Today I will be reviewing a NYX Lipstick product called the Butter Lipstick in the shade
Moonlit Night.

Here in Australia we don't have many retailers selling NYX products but I was able to get my hands on this lipstick at a certain Kmart in Foresthill Mall of Melbourne. (any melbourians that are wondering!)
The product was very inexpensive and for its price, it has a really good quality pigmentation shade and moisturizing dual effects.

The colour is very pigmented and creates a beautiful plume shade perfect for those cold, chilly days as winter is approaching here in Australia.
It can be used for a formal and causal look since it is able to adapt
with various styles of outfits along with a grunge/bad girl look or even for a sassy 90's look.
You can watch my video that i did for my grunge makeup tutorial
that shall be uploaded soon enough!

-picture used from my grunge makeup tutorial-

Either ways I really recommend this product for everyone as it is:
-cheap and not costly
-quality is good for its price
-pigmented and moisturizing
-its a beautiful shade <3
-It stays on for long periods of time without having to reapply

Tell me how you guys think of nyx lip products and comment some ideas
I could post for either my youtube or my blog <3
Thanks for reading!!
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  1. The color is stunning, Nyx is my favorite drugstore makeup!
    Kierra | Lavishingg

    1. Try it out!! C:
      It really is such a good brand

  2. The shade looks beautiful! I wish NYX was sold in my country as well! I've ordered a couple of their products before, but I don't think it's worth all the extra shipping costs :(


    1. I thought nyx was a high up expensive brand before I saw it with their cheap prices, Im sure there are shops in your country somewhere that sell them aswell!
      yeah its not really worth with extra shipping prices :C