Review: The Faceshop Cushion Screen Cell

Hey everyone!
I am LITERALLY back, I have finally finished off my finals and now I'm free!
It's already been two days of playing various games without feeling guilty of not studying!
so glad my finals are over!
So how has everyone else been? It's been quite a while since I've posted but since I'm free, my posts shall be more frequent! thanks for being patient guys! <3
I've also been wondering whether I should start my own youtube channel to fill in the spare time I have but I'm not sure, it's quite scary :C ...
What do you guys think?

Anyways, today I am back with a review of a new type of Korean Cushion which is the Screen Cell from the brand The Faceshop.
(colour: 01 Radiant Beige)

When I first opened the package, I immediately fell in love with the simplistic white package. I don't know why but I love little full white things <3
Putting the fact that it has an amazing package aside, what I noticed that was different to other Korean BB cushions is that there was a screen covering the surface of where we usually dab the product to to the cushion.

 -The packaging is so cute!-

-The Cushion Screen-

FYI: I have finally gotten a better camera as well and instead of using my phone, I can actually take clear and close shots of objects!

So in my opinion, I reckon this product was produced during the winter time since the BB formula was mixed with various Korean Ampule Oils or otherwise known as oil based serums in order to keep the skin moisturised during the dry cold winds of winter.
I really recommend this to those that have dry skin to begin off, since it will keep it moisturised and hydrated throughout the day.
A little dab of the product goes a long way so beware of not pressing too hard onto the product!!
It does a great job of lightening your skin and making it look less tired; the coverage of the product isn't amazing but it does a reasonable job in wise of being a light BB cream.

I usually hate products that make my skin oily and sticky especially here in Australia it tends to get warm time to time, however this product doesn't clump up nor create a sticky feeling regardless of the fact that it looks dewy and soft.

Here I did a coverage test with a black eyeliner and a red dot to create a model of acne.

-little arrow is pointed to the fake acne. It is able to cover well over red spots-

Either ways I really recommend this product to everyone since it is worth the cost!
Bye for now and Thanks for reading!
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  1. BB cushions are definitely my favourite makeup products! I love the one by lancome but this looks great will look out for it :)

    1. they really are worth ahah! oh the lancome one, i was going to get that but the colours in this country seem to suit better for non asian girls :C

    2. they really are worth ahah! oh the lancome one, i was going to get that but the colours in this country seem to suit better for non asian girls :C

  2. oooo i've been really wanting to try a bb cushion and heard great things about iope but since there's a face shop near me, maybe i'll try this one instead. love the review x

    1. ahah the bb cushion is basically originated from iope and laneige but this is a much more cheap alternative and works just as great!
      Thank you! you should really try it out!

  3. Hi! I like you blog very much! If you want, we can follow each other so we can keep in touch! :) Kisses from Italy

  4. Good review! I was wondering what shade you are in mac since i'm not sure if i should get 01 or 02 for this cushion foundation :)

  5. Such a lovely post! I follow you on GFC :) Can you follow me back?
    Kisses from Turkey :*

  6. ooo i like this one. i really want one of these bb cushions because they're so cute and hyped right now. still trying to choose between which one i want but this seems like a good option!