Mild: Subtle and natural yet, smokey Eye Look Tutorial

What's up Lovelies! 
It's been a few weeks since I've last uploaded.. the work load is slowly and abruptly increasing as Sacs are creeping along. Sacs are basically tests that you are ranked in within all of Victoria and overall counts in the final exam taken during the end of the course. stress is becoming a problem ;A; but I have to deal with it since I know other people who are just as stressed and under pressure as I am, its not very fair to state that I'm the only specific person in such burden C:
hehe anyways how have you been? Its nearly Easter soon here in Australia! chocolates mm 

Today I've decided to do my first tutorial, yay!
I've named this look as the 'Mild', as it
 is a subtle and natural yet a smoky eye look.
This is the look on me, as you can see there is no huge indication that I'm wearing any make-up at all but somehow it supports the eye to make them look somewhat bigger, and that is the goal for today's look!

So let's get to it! 

(p.s If there are any suggestions on how I should improve my tutorial posts, please let me know in the comments as I am still a novice at blogging hehe. Thank you)

Firstly, apply your normal day to day skin make-up such as bb creams, foundations or cc creams. I used the Innisfree: serum cc cream in the colour cover; in my opinion and due to my skin type, I don't really use foundation products as it is too thick.
anyways back on track,
complete all the basics such as eyebrows (straight eyebrow tutorial), blush and contouring.
Now apply a thin layer of either soft kohl brown eyeliner, or a light brown shadow on your eye lids, close to your lash line; then blend it out with a blending brush or sponge tip.

(monolids lel ;A;)

Once all blended like the pictures above, pull the shadow out to make a wing and bring it down to the under lash line; once again blend blend blend! 

Don't worry if you make a mistake and blend it out more upwards, just use a q tip or a cotton tip to remove the mistakes.
If you have double eyelids, make sure to pull out the shadow higher and over your crease line.
Now we'll add some gold shimmer...

The product I used here is the Etude House: Play 101 pencil in the colour 44

(I just realised you can barely even notice the gold shimmer -,-)
Apply it over, above the shadow and blend it with the brown so it doesn't glisten too much but still just enough to let it compliment the overall look.
Curl your lashes

Highlight the ayegyo sal on you eyebags with a light peachy or gold toned creme shadow before applying mascara.   Both of these concepts are needed in order to make the eyes look more opened and somewhat enlarged.

Mascara that was used here is the Holika Holika: Magic Pole Mascara (purple one, used for elongating the lashes)

For the ayegyo sal I have used the Intersense Power Point Eye in the colour 31 Gold/Beige

(how the colours look, from left to right highlighter, gold shimmer shadow and the brown eyeliner)

No fake lashes are need for this look, as we re going for a more subtle look! It's easy and simple, without much need of precision and great for individuals that have just begun to use makeup.In order to get a flawless eye makeup look is never to pack on various products, its how much patience is taken during the time you apply it and continuing to improvise various and new distinct looks.

I hope you try this look for yourselves and tell me how it goes!
If you want more tutorials like this please let me know as well!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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  1. I like this look, very simplistic and subtle, and not too dramatic. Your eyelashes are so long *-* I need to take a look at the Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara. I also like your eyebrow shape. ☺

    I enjoyed this tutorial, I love it when bloggers post every step of their makeup look. One thing I would (I guess it's a preference of mines) is that I like seeing the makeup products used too in pictures, nevertheless, I likes this tutorial! :)

    xx Courtney

  2. ahah that's the look I was going for! ahaha I hear that alot but I've seen longer ;A; yeee you should its really really good, the only mascara I use basically ._. hehe
    thank you!
    ahah thanks to your preference I've added more photos in the post so thank you for letting me know!

  3. you look really nice and natural :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  4. I love your eyebrows (not to sound creepy), haha. I've been growing mine out so I can get them straighter, but my arch is so prominent :(((

    This eye make-up looks great on your eyes! It's very natural as opposed to harsh smokey looks I've seen. I've never actually tried a "smokey" look before, but this looks amazing.

    1. ahaha not creepy at all C:
      ooo people with straight and prominent arches look really good too so why dont you try that?
      if not you can reshape to be straighter and less arch evident
      naww thank you thats exactly what i was going for C;
      tbh you cant really do a pretty common smokey look on a monolid :C

  5. Absolutely love your blog and this eye look. Great for everyday. You're such a DOLL!
    Thanks for sharing this (:

    Life in Pastel

    1. nawwww thank you so much! ahaha yee it is a everyday subtle look
      too bad its not actually my daily look :C
      naww thank you <3
      all good!

  6. Your looks is great :) You are so beautiful! Good luck on your exams~
    Btw where are you from? :) Korea?

    1. ahah thank you C: nawws i hope so :C already stressed out and its not even mid year!
      I was born in Australia but I'm Korean hehe