GBT GC2 Brown Contact Lens Review (Sponsored by Klenspop)

Hey there Lovelies! ♡
Today, as promised I shall be reviewing the second half of the sponsor
which is the GBT GC2 Brown Contacts from Klenspop.
You can go check out the previous post here.

So Lets just get straight into it! C:

Lens: GBT GC2 Brown Contacts
Bran: G & G Contact Lens
Diameter: 14.3mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm

Water Content: 13.88mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year (max)
Country of Origin: South Korea

These lens containers, for the first time in my life were tiny and cute compared to the
normal sized contact bottles. These bottles were half the size of
a normal container. ;A; should of put a comparison photo!

The pattern within the lenses are quite exquisite and unique, not the normal gradiation contact. It kind of reminds me of a flower; overall it kind of emits a yellowish tint rather than the normal natural dark brown tint. 

Compared to the Magic Mirage contacts, these were just a tad less unnatural and more 
dramatic in enlarging the eye circumference. However it was
just as comfortable and not painful as all. All the products
I have utilized so far from Klenspop has been really comfortable and not painful at all.

The pattern of the lenses are really eminent with the flash, however without it; in natural daylight it just looks like a normal brown pupil colour, just with abit of enlargement.

Overall Ratings /5


The design was pretty, but in my opinion I rather wear contacts that look natural in comparison with dramatic. Like you usually wear contacts in order to have natural looking big eyes right? ahah
But it is a pretty lens to admire within is lens case C:


They are so soft and comfy, they don't strain or hurt my eyes at all and manage to
do a fine job of not letting my eyes get dry. They move around along with my eye well
and overall my eyes do not get tired. Like all klenspop products C: So check it out!


The colour is more yellow than brown, however I really like the yellowish colour but it doesn't really make a difference on the eyes whether it is brown or yellow. I really would like to try a yellow lens in the future C: stay tuned for that <3


Enlargement is a main touch within these lenses it would be perfect for a dramatic look, and would be recommended to use if doing a cosplay look or some sort of dress up.
It makes your eyes look very big and enlarged, so a good pointer for those who actually like the lenses that make the eyes look amazingly huge.

Really unnatural  but as said above, would be perfect for people who are into 
the enlargement of contact lenses and etc.

Overall, other than the lens itself Klenspop has really great customer service and quick and fast replies if problems occur, and mainly the lenses are not that costly either compared to most online lens stores!

(myself with the lenses on)

Anyways this was a short post, however I shall be uploading more things soon <3
Bye for now!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Oh very cute circle lens
    Very lovely design~
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  2. I love the pattern on these lenses!

    They look really pretty on you, and the enlargement effect is on point :)

    1. ahaha it looks like a flower yeah?
      naww thank you and true very true C:

  3. I can't belive I only came across your blog today you're so pretty! :) I loved the review and the circle lenses look so natural on you~

    Sindy xx

    1. ahaha thank you! C: I am quite astound that you were able to find my blog as its still pretty new and not known ahah
      Thank you once again! xx

  4. I agree with you that all the lenses from Klenspop are super comfy~ Well, the lenses don't look so dramatic to me, but I guess that everyone has got a different opinion haha!
    Thanks for following me! I followed you back<3

    1. ahaha yes they are C:
      really? well yeah opinions opinions
      ahah all good C: