Bunny 3 Colour Gray Contact Lens Review (Sponsored by Klenspop)

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
Recently, I've only had time to do these contact lens reviews - not really a good habit, as I really want to post a variety of things more towards the fashion industry.
Regardless, being able to communicate and help you guys out this way is good too C:
I apologize in advance as my finals are drawing near and I must study hard for the

Anyways today I was sponsored by the lovely Klenspop again, with the
Bunny 3 Colour Gray

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Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm

Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 6 Months
Country of Origin: South Korea

-This packaging with the bunny girl is so adorable!-

-blend of colours ranging from black grey and brown.

-in light-

Overall Ratings /5

The design was very natural and to my liking as they are not that obvious that I'm wearing them unless people come real close to my face.
Overall the ombre and gradient effect of the 3 colours that blend together nicely, compliment the natural dark colours of my eyes without making it look too dramatic.
The thin black circumference of the contact lens also support the eyes to look a bit bigger than they usually are.


This particular lens was really comfortable and barely moved around. However after 6 hours of usage, I could feel that my eyes became a bit irritated and strained from the dryness. So in future reference, it would be great to carry around some eye solution to prevent that.
My most favourite part of this lens was the colour. The gradient blend of each of the colours made it look more natural and realistic, as I in my opinion really love natural looking contacts.
However, one disappointment of it was that, it wasn't as pigmented as I thought it would be. I recommend people with light colour eyes to definitely have a try of these and for the people of dark coloured eyes can try this for the slight colour enhancement.

As these lenses were more towards the natural side, not much enlargement is seen.

In regards to all the facts stated above, make these lens perfect for naturalness!

-Excuse my School uniform hehe-

This was a short post but I hope I will be able to upload more things soon <3
Bye for now! 
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  1. Wow they look super natural and pretty on you~ I have got them in brown :D I was satisfied as well :)
    Btw I'm holding a giveaway on my blog. You have the chance to win a pair of circle lenses! Come and join ♡

    1. Naww Thank you! C:
      Im pretty sure the brown would be just as good!